"Proximity" by Tiina Lilja (2020) embroidery and oil paint on board


Proximity /prɒkˈsɪmɪti/ noun nearness in space, time, or relationship. I’ve had some great news last Thursday: I’m finally going to be off furlough and back to work as a studio painter.  It has been a privilege to dedicate this much time for making my own art, but to be completely honest, I am really keen… Continue reading Proximity


Summer 2020 blog tittle image

Summer 2020

I can’t believe it’s almost Midsummer!  This has not really been the season by the sea I was hoping for, but at least I am lucky to be spending it safe and sound with my husband and the dog, who absolutely loves having both of his parents home with him.  In other news, my furlough… Continue reading Summer 2020

double exposure by tiina lilja

Threaded II

I have been so busy with a project that I almost forgot some of my Double Exposure pieces are currently on show at Envision Arts online exhibition Threaded II!  This is a multimedia exhibition, curated around the idea of fibres, and all work submitted needed to consists of 25% fibres of any form. The two… Continue reading Threaded II

"1997" by Tiina Lilja, 2020, oil on board

1997 – on Seductiveness of Nostalgia

NHL cards and Extreme Ghost Busters. That pretty much sums up my 1997, besides from starting school and rocking a rad mullet. ⁠

“1997” is the second portrait I have finished during lock-down and the first sort-of self portrait I’ve painted in years.

Instead of introducing the piece through the language of painting, I chose to talk about nostalgia in my work, how it is used in marketing and why we just love an image of an ideal past.

"Pumpuli Enkeli" by Tiina Lilja

Pumpuli Enkeli

Can I withhold pay if my studio assistant refuses to social-distance himself? Greetings from the atelier floor – I’ve got something to show to you and I swear it is more than just adorable photos of my dog.  The rainbow-hued mixed media piece that cropped up on this blog last week is finally finished.  Now… Continue reading Pumpuli Enkeli

procrastinate blog tittle

Work in Progress

I don’t know about you, but I am really struggling to get anything finished these days. So, in the spirit of keeping calm and carrying on, I thought I’d give you a few work-in progress-snaps.  Y’know, in case you too are browsing the underbelly of internet rather than getting back to work.  I would know…… Continue reading Work in Progress

Two Brides by Tiina Lilja - work in progress

Two Brides

I have written about “Two Brides” before, but here’s the finished piece! Inspired by Jan Toorops drawing “Three Brides” and the zeitgeist of the 1930’s it is the first figurative portrait I have painted in seven years.

Lilium Candidum by Tiina Lilja 2019

Lilium Candidum

It has been a while since I added to my Toussaints series, so I am pleased to introduce Lilium Candidum, the latest of these mixed media pieces based on/ up-cycled using early 20th century religious prints I have collected from the South of France. The print of the Madonna and Child I started with was… Continue reading Lilium Candidum

Two Brides, work in progress by Tiina Lilja - the studio dog likes to get in the way...

If first you don’t succeed…

In a society where an instant reward is expected to follow the slightest of efforts, it is natural to consider the absolutes of failure or victory as the only acceptable outcomes regarding work, education or personal development.  In reality, there is a huge and productive grey area between the two. 

Radar Artist Fair Old Spitalfields Market 10-12the of May 2019 Tiina Lilja

Radar Artist Fair

Back in the game, so to speak; I’ll be exhibiting at the Radar Artist Fair in the Old Spitalfields Market coming May!   Radar Artist Fair is an Artist Led platform to Amplify the Next Wave of Artistic Talents and Connect a Global Audience.  The Real affordable Artist Fair that’s affordable for Artists.   Artists taking back… Continue reading Radar Artist Fair

Corpus Christi by Tiina Lilja - work in progress, jaw bones

Corpus Christi – thoughts on early medical illustration, dissection and visual art

We all have hobbies, right?  Little bit of arts and crafts perhaps, going to the gym, cookery, those sort of things.  I personally enjoy long walks with my Alsatian Rusty, running… and reading about the many ways the human body has been mutilated in the name of science.  Strictly historically speaking. Trust me, I am… Continue reading Corpus Christi – thoughts on early medical illustration, dissection and visual art

Two Brides - work in progress by Tiina Lilja

Two Brides – on photography and figurative painting

I have a longstanding habit of painting double portraits.  There is something calming about a balanced pair, in both concept and composition.  Spaced out harmoniously on canvas, two individual subjects depicted as a complimentary coupling – if there ever was a trope in painting that gets repeated over and over again, this one is mine. … Continue reading Two Brides – on photography and figurative painting

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